Wingman115 Reviews the Pilgrim

Many thanks to Jonathan Heffron over at the Wingman115 YouTube channel for taking the Pilgrim for a spin. Be sure to like and subscribe over on YouTube after viewing the video below!


The Canteen Knife on The Truth About Knives

"In a nutshell, the knife is David’s brainchild – representing his ideal mix of a do-it-all camping knife with enough culinary chops that you could leave your kitchen knives at home when heading to the field."


The Pilgrim on The Truth About Knives

"The handle is robust, comfortably filling my medium-sized hand. It balances well, is extremely sharp, and feels lively in the hand. The relatively high grind should make it a solid slicer – more versatile than a scandi-ground bush knife, and its thick spine ought to lend itself well to the kind of heavy use required of a knife one would take to the woods."